Best practices to grow youtube views and engagement 2021

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 As the second biggest internet searcher on the planet, YouTube is a broadly utilized channel to advance, engage, and teach crowds.

YouTube has around 22 billion month to month visits and the normal meeting length is just shy of 40 minutes.
Individuals like YouTube. A ton. In any case, similar to everything on the web getting more YouTube sees has been a pursuit that individuals have begun to toss cash at–once in a while through obscure ventures to their substance.

Individuals are purchasing YouTube sees with at least some expectations of either tricking YouTube's calculations or persuading individuals that so many others have watched their video so they ought to as well.

In many cases people look upon to Youtube as a small term hobby for which they try for years to get successful and gradually fail .

The best thing about Youtube is there is no fixed aspect that which channel will perform well.

In my condition, I made 2 channels prior creating our main channel Abhi technical. One of these channels didn't got much subscribers but had good views.

My current channel Abhi technical has completed the threshold of 1k subs but the views are not much.

The main reason behind this is my uploading frequency. Which was quiet high for the other two channels.

On my first channel, the niche I chose was fitness. I didn't had much knowledge about it so just posted the videos already available on Youtube.

So, the second channel which I started was on the niche "TECH" with the sub-niche of Youtube growth tips


This is the second year of my channel and till now I've completed 1000 Subscribers and a couple hours if organic watchtime.

So, let me share my experience with you'll. The most important thing can be divided into three parts. Mainly title, thumbnail and seo optimised description.

 Before starting a channel you must always take sine time and think about the niche you'll work in.

Also, if you're confident about it then you can also look for a few sub-niches.

In my condition, i selected tech as my main niche and Youtube growth tips and unboxing as a sub-niche.

So, the next part is getting a unique name for your channel 

The main purpose of this is to make your channel rank on top with less SEO. If you're unable to find a unique name, 

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After creating a unique name, you need to work on your channel seo. I've made a dedicated video in how to get the best tags to rank your channel. The playlist is here.  

Then comes SEO part for your videos. Make sure your topics are relevant and also people are searching for it. 

You can make your video more interesting by putting stock videos and background music.

Then comes the description. You can put your other social media links as well as contact details for enquiries { DO NOT PUT EMAIL ADDRESS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR CHANNEL}

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That's all for today hope you like this post. If you want more tips to boost views and subscribers keep checking out our channel as well as our website.


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