Can You Monetise Your E-mail List?

Would you like to earn from your email list? but are unsure on how to make money from your email list? Then you don't have to be concerned.

As in this article, I'll outline the top expert strategies for making money with your email list.

If you don't know how to construct an email list, you must first have a decent email list before you can send them emails. Then read my article where I listed more than 15 techniques to expand your email list. When compared to other marketing channels, email marketing is expanding quickly and has a higher ROI (return on investment).

According to my experience, I've done a number of email campaigns for various companies, and the typical return on investment was between $15 and $20 for every dollar invested. Up to July 2022, there will be more than 6.65 billion active smartphone users, many of whom use their devices frequently.

Therefore, the likelihood that people will open your emails is increased if you send them and they are interested in your niche. Okay, let's get to the primary point of this article: how can you monetize an email list that you already have?

How Can I Make Money From My Email List?

The various ways you can monetize your email list are shown below:

  • Newsletter/Subscription Charged

By allowing for paid subscriptions from your email subscribers, you can earn money from your email list. This is one of the finest ways to make money from email lists if you work in a niche where your audience enjoys reading about the most recent information and tips.  I've come across a lot of news websites and bloggers who provide paid newsletters on their blogs.

They make a website specifically for blog readers where they may purchase and subscribe to their premium newsletters on a monthly, quarterly, yearly, or lifetime basis. Where they communicate with their paying subscribers and give premium advice, knowledge, tricks, or goods. Therefore, you can test out this method to consistently monetize your email list.

  • Affiliate Promotion

You have a sizable number of email subscribers, but you have no idea how to monetize them. Then one of the best ways to monetize your email list is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing: What is it?

By sharing, endorsing, and promoting the goods and services of other people or businesses, you can make money through affiliate marketing. You can view my comprehensive guide on affiliate marketing, which I've already released here. Find the greatest affiliate products that are relevant to your field and recommend them to your email list.

You should write and give some useful information instead of just promoting the product with your affiliate links, and in between, you should propose some comparable products. As an illustration, if I want to advertise an email marketing tool, I can do so by writing content about it, such as "How to choose a web hosting service?"

I can also recommend certain web hosting providers to my viewers to employ for their websites in between those pieces of material. People won't mistake it for a promotional email because I also included material that highlighted the product.

This example is from a campaign one of my blogger friends ran in November 2021. We sent emails to 4,180 recipients, and 2587 of them opened them. 52 out of 2587 customers purchased web hosting through his affiliate links, resulting in a good campaign with a conversion rate of 2.01 percent and an average affiliate commission of $125.

  • Hosting-affiliate-commission

Because there was an offer of 80% Off on that web hosting firm, and he published a thorough and persuasive review on it, he was able to create this many purchases. If you bring that web hosting company 20 or more sales in a month, they will pay you $125 each sale. Additionally, he generated 23 purchases in that month, generating 52 x $125 or $6,500 from only one email campaign.

The remaining seven sales came through a variety of his various tactics, including blog postings and other social recommendations. Although he is only one example, successful affiliate marketers earn more money through affiliate marketing. Therefore, you can use affiliate marketing to monetize your email list as long as you don't go overboard.

  • CPA Advertising (Cost Per Action)

Cost Each Lead (CPL), also known as Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing, requires you to generate leads for a business in exchange for payment per lead you generate for them.


These leads could be in the form of a phone number, email address, simple form submission, survey, or sign-up.

Any of these must be brought to a business, which will pay you each lead. The SEMrush affiliate programme, which pays $0.10 for each email sign-up made using your affiliate links, is one of the best examples.

They also provide a $10 payment for signing up for a free trial, and the Grammarly affiliate network offers a $0.20 payment for each email sign-up made using your link. The best aspect of CPA marketing is that users only need to register and set up a free account in order to access the services.

Another advantage of CPA is that you receive an affiliate commission if any premium plans are purchased by free signups. For each affiliate sale generated through your link, the SEMrush and Grammarly affiliate programmes pay $200 and $20, respectively.

By promoting CPL or CPA programmes in your niche, you can therefore estimate how much money you can make.

  • Promoting offers and coupons at a discount

Your email list can be quite profitable by offering discounts. Who doesn't appreciate discounts? Anyone looking to make a purchase, whether online or in person, always searches for the best deals.  discounted-price-coupon-codes-sale

Why not share the finest discount deals with them? You can do this with your own goods or services. As we stated in the affiliate marketing section, you can also promote other affiliate programmes. For example, a buddy of mine recently pushed an 80 percent off web hosting deal.

How can I find out about affiliate discounts?

It's really easy to do when you register an affiliate account. Just check and mark the box to get emails with promotions and offers. You will be notified via email about any discounts offered by the affiliate company by their affiliate manager.

To get a respectable affiliate commission, you can produce engaging content and promote those offers to your email list. Alternatively, you can do the same with your own goods or services.

  • Buying and Selling Digital Skills

Selling your digital expertise may be advantageous for you. For instance, I write articles about SEO, social media growth strategies, digital marketing, and blogging. Therefore, I can contact my email list about my digital skills or freelance skills if I so choose.

For instance, I may mention to my audience that I could work on SEO or any other aspect of digital marketing for your website to expand its audience. But instead of sending a hollow service advertisement, share some knowledge about digital marketing, SEO, how individuals use it to build their businesses, and how other people attract more organic audience members.

You can then make the offer that I can help you target your potential audience because I am an SEO specialist as well. Then include a button to "hire my SEO services" and link it to a landing page or phone number where you have included your credentials, samples of your previous work, and client endorsements. By selling your digital abilities in this manner, you may monetize your email list.

  • Offering digital goods

Okay, you can also sell your audience digital goods like PDFs (E-books), tools, graphics, podcasts, and video courses.

electronic products

It might be your product or someone else's; either way, if you have your own or can make one, that's great. If not, you can use affiliate marketing to sell other people's items. Simply get in touch with that person and offer them something that will benefit both of you.

I adore your XYZ product and am eager to spread the word about it to my 10,000 email subscribers in exchange for a 10% or fixed amount commission on each transaction generated by my link.  As the product is being marketed for free, 3-5 out of 10 emails will consent to do it. Yes, I know you are taking some commissions, but it will also reach out to 10,000 users.

In order to monetize your email list, you may either use this method or develop a better offer, as I just gave an example of.

  • Advertised Email

It resembles the previous one in that you must advertise a good or service provided by a different business. The advertising managers of various services linked to your specialty will email you to promote their services on your blog or website if your blog or channel receives a lot of monthly traffic.

Even if there isn't much traffic to this blog, every one to two weeks I still get several promotional offers from reputable email marketing and web hosting providers. Recently, a few months ago, I agreed to write a sponsored post for a company that charges 25 dollars for it to appear on my site. The firm received 3 sales for that post, and the item's minimum price is 47 dollars.

Although it may seem minimal, you can charge a minimum of $200 if your monthly visits exceed 25,000.  You can inform such managers that you have 10,000 emails connected to their services if you have a decent email list related to the niche.

And you will charge XYZ amount per email or per 100 emails if they agree to advertise the service using your email list.

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  • Presented Positions

Making money off of your email list may be done well with sponsored placements. You can get in touch with businesses that sell services related to your campaign if you receive any promotional offers or plan to send an email campaign.

For instance, imagine that you are going to send your email list a helpful email on the top email marketing tools.  You can approach any reputable provider of email marketing services and say, "I'm going to share top 10 email marketing tools with my 10k email list," along with a question about how good your services are.

Therefore, I can rank your service at the top for $100 and share the campaign results with you as well. Or you can let them know about the same offer if you get any promotional emails about it. All you have to do to monetize your email list is include the firm name in the list, possibly with links or banners.

  • Cross Marketing

You may have observed numerous brands collaborating to promote one another to different audiences. You only need to choose brands or establishments operating in your niche with which you may cross-promote your company.

The best illustration of cross-promotion is McDonald's X Coca Cola. Whenever you go to McDonald's, you will observe that they provide many types of combos and meals with Coca Cola.

Another example: If you produce office shoes, you may cross-promote them with a company that makes socks. Additionally, if you manufacture riding gloves, you can cross-promote with your riding helmet company.

Your email list may or may not become profitable as a result of this, but it will undoubtedly aid in audience expansion. And if someone buys a shoe or a helmet, they might also want to buy socks or gloves. Therefore, you can partner with those companies and request that they advertise your company on their email list while you do the same.

  • Selling comparable goods (Upselling)

If any consumer has purchased your services and likes them, you may advertise your other related items with them. Upselling can be a terrific strategy to monetize your email list. For instance, it goes without saying that if someone purchases a DSLR camera, he will also purchase a bag or cover to keep it secure and protected. Therefore, you can email other people about related products to the one you bought.

  • Using Abandoned Cart to Retarget

It can be advantageous and a wonderful way to make money off of your email list to retarget the abandoned cart. People find your website through a search on Google or another search engine, browse it, find a product they like, decide to buy it, and submit their payment information. However, she abruptly assumes that I would purchase it on any other day and forgets to do so.

You can then inform them via email that they attempted to make a purchase but were unable to do so. You might include a 5–10% discount voucher or any other incentives when you send this mail to persuade them to purchase the goods. So, this too can be a fantastic method.

Your Email List Should Never be Sold.

  • Your Email List for Rent

Renting your email list is the last option; note that I'm not advocating sharing or selling your email list. What I'm encouraging you to do is to indicate that you will promote their business with a limited number of emails if you receive any promotional offers from businesses.

Additionally, they must pay based on the quantity of emails. For example, if you have 100,000 emails, you can inform the client that you have 100,000 emails and would charge $100 to $150 per thousand emails, or you can share the cost each email. So they may negotiate a fantastic deal with you and choose how many emails they want to send.


You may easily monetize your emails in this way! I hope you found this post useful and that you now have a better understanding of how to make money from your email list. I have discussed every method I was aware of, and I'll update it as I come up with new ones.

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